Life's not ended yet. There's always hope.

Positivity is like a butterfly; one moment it's there, next it's gone - to keep it, you have to hold on to it.

I like talking, I like making people smile. I like helping people. I like music. I like pictures that I find inspiring.

Drop me an ask, with your problem, just for a chat, whatever, I'll respond.
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Please, ignore my ugliness…
So, Jeremy is my monster.
Jeremy makes me smile. :3

Everyone who feels sad should draw themselves a monster. Even though it sounds weird it genuinely cheers you up in like, the weirdest way ever…

So go draw monsters people! :D I want to see your monsters. - Just saying.

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I’m losing my mind-And all I can do is keep quiet and smile. 


I’m losing my mind-
And all I can do is keep quiet and smile. 

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I thought I’d make a disclaimer that everyone - to which it applies - is free to reblog.

Let Tumblr staff and others know that your blog is not a threatening or dangerous environment that encourages/condones mental illnesses, self-harm or anything of the sort. It is simply a place for you to vent and document your personal life.

Here is a list of hotlines that can help you if you feel that you are at risk or need someone to talk to. Please reach out to someone and get help.

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